We Are Lawrence

Rogue: Forum "They Don't Believe In Us"


11/21/2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


The Lounge
99 Essex Street Red back door Entrance
01842 Lawrence , MA

Description of Event: 

How do you feel about the idea that says “people in Lawrence can’t run their own city, nor their our own lives?” 

How do we confront that idea and how do we create our own story?

Join us at The Lounge (use the rear entrance behind El Cesar's Restaurant) on Saturday Novemeber 21st at 7PM to have a chat on this, and more, over drinks and good atmosphere.





The Rogue: Forum is an idependent conversation space created for community members, with priority on the most disenfranchised, to speak about local, national, and global issues. This is an opportunity through which public values and important social issues are engaged, such as race, class warfare, the failure of economics, drugs and addiction, and much more. It is a public sphere that creates critical reasoning and a collective ethos through frank and open conversation among neighbors. These programs of The Rogue (Insights, Scholars, Forums) develop an informed citizenry and support the ideals of democracy.