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Bread & Roses Heritage Festival - Annual Meeting

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10/21/2015 - 6:00pm


Heritage State Park
1 Jackson Street 3rd Floor
Lawrence , MA

Description of Event: 

Our work continues:
Fellow workers and underclass peoples, we who have been systematically left out of political and economic power, it is that time again to take charge of that Festival whose legacy made clear our unfortunate position. In this position we have taken up the solemn responsibility to point out the values and behaviors that continue to bring down our global civilization and it is the Bread & Roses Heritage Festival that is the major focal point in the area that brings all these necessary radical voices together.

This past year, organizing the Festival was a challenge. A few of us had remained steadfast in our support, others took on new positions, others had to step back or left completely, and few others freshly joined. These events resulted in removing and changing some elements of the Festival so as to help acclimate those with less experience, integrate their visions, and to help the group develop a stronger cohesion. We pulled it off in the end with great results, but at the cost of a few of us taking on too much responsibilities and nearly burning out.

I write this because transparency works and we need the help. We are faced with even harder decisions to make this year than the last if our numbers are not bolstered with passionate, labor and social justice emblazoned activists, but we are prepared to do what needs to be done.

We ask that you work with us in order to help continue one of the only true labor and social justice supporting events happening each year.
When:      Wednesday, October 21st
Time:       6:00 PM
Location:  Lawrence Heritage State Park
                1 Jackson Street - 3rd floor
                 Lawrence, Mass 

We will be electing new officers for the 32nd Annual Heritage Festival organization. If you would like to be nominated, prepare to make a case for yourself. All offices are up for election; President, Treasurer, Secretary.
Subcommittee Chairs will also be chosen.
Skills you can develop by participating:
Event Management
Project Management
Booking Performers (Musicians, Theater, Presenters, Children’s acts)
Volunteer Coordinating
Workshop Development
Booking Vendors (Community Orgs, Food, Arts & Craft Merchants)
Interpersonal Skills
Networking Skills
Public Relations (Newspapers, TV shows, Schools, Unions)
… and more
We look forward to meeting you on the 21stc