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EAC Exhibit: Pieces from Life

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05/08/2015 - 10:00am to 06/19/2015 - 6:00pm


Essex Art Center
56 Island Street
Lawrence , MA

Description of Event: 

Pieces from Life: Janice Jones, Carol Anne Grotrian and Janice Hayes-Cha

Quilts and collages by three artists who share techniques based on putting pieces together to form the diverse landscapes of our lives.

May 8 – June 19, 2015

Opening reception: Friday, May 8, 5-7 pm


The Chester F. Sidell Gallery at Essex Art Center is pleased to present Pieces from Life: Quilts and collages by three artists who share techniques based on putting pieces together to form the diverse landscapes of our lives. Each artist explores their own distinctive technique and medium.


Quilts have been traditional textiles in American homes since the late 18th century; they were made or given for important life events such as weddings, the birth of a child, graduations, the departure of a loved one to another part of the country, etc.  Through time quilts have been used in daily life but also as decorative pieces.  Collage artists use a similar technique of placing small pieces of fabric, paper or objects to create wonderful images.  This exhibit brings together three artists whose artwork has taken quilting and mixed media collage to a different level.


Janice M. Jones is a quilt artist who has always felt motivated to create art, work with her hands, and look at art as a vehicle of expression beyond words.  Working with textiles allows her to push boundaries and create a story that conveys a sense of tactile warmth and character through her work. The work Janice has created is truly the product of a lifetime of passion, dedication and study.


Carol Anne Grotrian has combined traditional quilting and shibori dyeing since 1989. Carol has found her voice in landscape quilts through the organic patterns of shibori. Her quilts are usually portraits of specific places and times and often create memories of the “breathing spaces” she has experienced.


Janice Hayes-Cha creates vibrant, mixed media collages from recycled greeting cards, a technique she devised while recovering from cancer.   Her work has depth and texture, and reveals surprises for the astute observer. She loves to capture the complexity of iconic places in both her hometown of Boston, where she lives now, and her second love, Philadelphia, where she lived for five years.



For additional information about this exhibition or to receive high resolution digital images for publication, please contact Sara Hidalgo Sara@EssexArtCenter.org or at 978-685-2343.


The Chester F. Sidell Gallery is located on the first floor of Essex Art Center at 56 Island Street, Lawrence, MA.

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