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Information Literacy Lab Opens on Lawrence Campus

Mike Hearn, director of library services, Jenny Fielding, coordinator of library services, Lawrence, and NECC education major Jaritza Hildalgo of Lawrence in the college’s new information literacy lab.

Submitted by NECC News Staff on December 4, 2014 – 7:23 pm

Bill Heineman, NECC’s vice president of academic and student affairs, has a tip for students with papers to write.

After touring the college’s new information literacy lab in Lawrence at a November 24 Open House, he said “this is where you come to write your research paper.”

The lab is part of a three-part suite located on the first floor of the Dimitry Building on Franklin Street, and it includes computer lab/teaching space, a media viewing room, and a group study room.

The computer lab/teaching space features 24 desk top computers, and when it is not being used to teach classes in information literacy, individual students can stop by and do research with a dedicated librarian to assist them.

Jenny Fielding, coordinator of library services at the Lawrence Campus library, describes information literacy as “learning to think critically about getting information,” a skill which she says is important in today’s digitally saturated information environment.

“Evaluating the sources of information is as important as finding the information,” she says. “Our librarians and technology assistants will be available to help students find the best sources of information for their assignment.”

Up until last month, information literacy courses were taught on computers located in the main library, which is one floor below the new information literacy lab, a set-up which could be disruptive to students studying in the library, according to Mike Hearn, the college’s director of library services.

Other features of the new information literacy lab include a media viewing room in which students can view videos and other Internet content and a group study room which can accommodate groups of up to eight students.

Hearn explains that college libraries are changing, becoming more technology focused. The Haverhill Campus library currently offers everything that’s offered in Lawrence except for video viewing.

To learn when the college’s new information literacy lab is open, visit the website http://www.necc.mass.edu/library/hours/