We Are Lawrence

The Connect at Our House


02/26/2015 - 6:00pm


Lawrence Community Works - Our House
168 Newbury Street
01840 Lawrence , MA

Description of Event: 

Every Thursday Our House is OPEN for everyone to come together. During the first 5 minutes we do 3 things:
1. Say hello to everyone who will be in the building that evening
2. Briefly share what is happening in the building that evening and invite people to participate (if it is an open meeting)
3. Invite 1 person to have 1 minute to share something (a testimonial, get something off their chest, rant, etc.)

Then everyone will be off to do their thing like classes, committee meetings, groups to continue building on what they are learning in classes. For example right now we are building a volunteer group willing to help tutor and have English conversations with those taking our ESOL classes during this time.

We want to create an open environment where our members can feel free to utilize Our House as an open community center, where they can host or lead an activity, but also quickly get a sense of all the things happening at LCW on a given night.

So come by and see us tonight at...."The Connect!"