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Workshop: Make Your Artistic Beauty Statement with Fresh Flowers!


03/07/2015 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm


160 Western Avenue Loft #218
Lowell , MA

Description of Event: 

Sponsored by DeveZon Floral Design & Creation

Workshop: Make your artistic beauty statement with fresh flowers! Connect colors, flowers and smells in your unique design. Learn from floral artist Rufiya Blank of DeveZon Floral Design & Creation as you create a stunning custom centerpiece using fragrant fresh flowers and other decorative elements. Participants will learn some historical facts about floral design and go home with a stunning centerpiece. Pre-registration required! RSVP via email to:info@devezon.com with subject line "March 7 Workshop."

Contact: Rufiya Blank / info@devezon.com / 978-482-6810
Website: http://www.devezon.com/rufiya-blank-creation-and-floral-design/